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the bombing of two u.s. embassies in 1998. >> reporter: entered no plea as he stood in front of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt revealing his amputated arms which are covered by prosthetic hooks. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a training camp in oregon. >> would have trained al-qaida sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and soldier training. >> two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one is charged with terrorism conspiracy in connection with the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings killing 224 people including a dozen americans. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> this is the second time an egyptian born islamic preacher is brought to this court to answer charges. he was convicted here in 1995 for plotting to blowup the new york city bridges. >> but this case is the culmination of several years from getting extradited from the uk. the shoe bomber -- were followers. the five terror suspects were ext
ago. it happened at the check points of the eastern part of the country. now, one u.s. soldier and the american contractor and three afghan soldiers were killed in the fire fight. >> the circumstances were somewhat confused. there was a report of the insurgents taking place here in the incident, which we believe that it may have been a factor. floor they did not say whether or not that was another in the series of the insider attacks. where the afghan security forces, they turned on the coalition troops. and the so-called green on blue attacks, they have left at least 52 international forces dead this year. the u.s. commander in afghanistan, they told 60 minutes that he is angry some afghan troops have turned on the americans who trained them. >> well, you know, i'm very mad at them to be honest with you. we are willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. we are not willing to be murdered for it. >> reporter: the attacks also frustrate the afghan president. >> it's something that we have discussed in details. something that i pay a responsibility for to correct. >> they say t
. >>> in the u.s. geological survey says it was a 3.9 magnitude quake that hit near santa corita valley less than 30 years ago. it hit the downtown valley and west hollywood, as well enforcement reports of injury. >>> and now hurricane sandy is heading to the north, northeast. >> yes. it will be bringing heavy rains and powerful winds affecting millions of people along the eastern seaboard. the governor of new york city is halting transit in the city starting at 7:00 tonight and showing a lot of concern. >> we should not underestimate the pa path of the storm or assume the predictions of the storm could be wrong. >> you can see a lot of people seeking higher ground in the state of delaware. they put a mandatory evacuation order starting tonight when widespread power outages are likely. we have brine brine following the storm, bryan what, is happening now? >> yes. you can see this loop of hurricane sandy kicking out to the east. sandy's path will take it on shore near southern new jersey, at least that is the way it looks now. when it does it could unwind a lot of rain, 6 to 12 inches and power
u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the berkeley graduate was killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate. and the senator as well as libya's ambassador to the united states will attend the service at the city hall. and that service will be open to the public. >>> on to campaign 2012 tonight, tomorrow night president barack obama and former governor mitt romney will go head to head in the second of their three televised election debates. this time in a town hall-type discussion with voters. elizabeth cook takes a look at how both men are preparing. liz? >> reporter: well ken, a debate prep has been more like a conclusion for president barack obama and mitt romney, staying behind closed doors as they prepare for tomorrow night's debate. after joking that his debate prep was a, "drag." president obama showed supporters at a campaign office in a weekend of virginia that he is hitting the books. john kerry is standing in for romney. the president's team vowed that they would up their performance after the first time around. >> i think he'll be aggressive in making the case for his view of whe
the u.s. state senate. cbs 5 reporter on the comment. >> the candidate is richard murdock, running as u.s. senate from indiana. it's a close race, one that the republicans are counting on to help them take control of the senate. here is what he said in the final minutes of his debate tonight when talking about abortion. >> i know there are some that disagree and i respect their point of view, but i believe that life begins at conception, the only exception i have for abortion is in the case of risk of the life from the mother. i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> richard murdock's comments at a debate start on the same day that mitt romney started airing this tv ad endorsing murdock. >> this fall i'm supporting richard murdock for the senate. >> reporter: but tonight the romney camp issued a statement saying that romney disagrees with murdock's views on rape. this is the second candidate to make controversial comments about rape and pregnancy this campaign season. missouri's todd aiken faced a stream of cr
the deadly attack of the u.s. consulate in libya. >> a nice sunday already. some clouds through the bay area. a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. the winds will pick up. there is so much to cover in weather. we'll do it. after a break. . >>> good morning again. mostly cloudy skies over the bay area. the numbers are in the 50s and they're not going to warm a heck of a lot more than that. not the whole forecast -- i have the whole forecast in a minute. campaign continues to be dod the controversy, surrounding last month's deadly attack n libya. . >>> election day is approaching and continues to be done by the controversy surrounding last month's deadly attack in libya. >> and it took part in the presidential debate and will be front and center in this week's president debate los angeles and that is one of the reasons why earlier this week, we sat down request with u.s. senator dianne feinstein. i asked her if anyone knows what happened at the consulate. >> i can this will you -- tell you. this i think we know what happens now. and there is no question it was a terrorist attack. there is no
prices in the u.s. an average of $4.49 per gallon for regular. nowhere near the national average of $3.79. it costs casey brewer nearly $100 to fill up his truck and he has 14 in his company fleet. >> it is tough and it's shocking to see it go up so much and other states not quite nearly as much. >> gas soared 66 cents in four days. and its owner is paying $20,000 more to rebuild his 8,000 gallon tank. >> it's been killing everybody. it's going to kill the business. >> some stations ran out of gas and shut down. caused by the fire in august and maintenance. and exxon mobile had a power failure is back online. >> it's interesting. >> the california energy commission says it is monitoring the supply. >> there is ample supply of gasoline to meet consumer demand. >> the state uses a special summer blend of fuel. it reduces smog emissions in the summertime. most is refined in california. some relief could come if they approved switching to the winter bland fuel earlier than october 31. some drivers, it doesn't matter. >> we should pay high gas prices, which of course is better form
agency report is based on mountains of evidence, including sworn u.s. riders who had knowledge of armstrong's doping, or doping by the team. but scientific data and laboratory tests. tyler hamilton who first detailed system attic doping by armstrong on 60 minutes was one of those teammates. >> tell me what you saw in terms of what lance armstrong took. >> we all took. no difference between lance armstrong and the majority of them. there was epo, testosterone, i did see a blood transfusion. >> reporter: the most damning testimony was provided by george hinkathy. he was armstrong's longtime lieutenant and confidant. he admitted that he and armstrong repeatedly used illegal drugs like epo, testosterone, and blood transfusions, and that armstrong provided epo to him as recently as 2005. armstrong has long and vehemently denied the use of any performance enhancing drugs. yesterday, one of his lawyers called the investigation a witch hunt. armstrong insists his conscience is clean. >> we could not see the end of the a's game but we heard loud yelling! >> i was screaming in the newsro
of everyday sometime in the u.s. dies from oral cancer. the culprit is hpv virus. dr. kim explains. >> three women met today. >> look at that smile. >> to remember a friend me loved and lost. >> the healthiest person i knew. >> she chose to live well. she had that love inside her. and that inner strength . >> her name, andrea fisher. >>> at age 25 a few months before she got married, she noticed a sore in her mouth that wouldn't go away. the diagnosis? oral cancer. >> you never felt she was struggling with anything. always there to give you a smile and support and hug. >> she underwent treatment. had three children but the cancer kept coming back. >> a lot of surgeries and that part is so tough for a mom who is so incredibly strong and healthy and athletic. >> at 42 andrea died. heavy drinkers and smoker s are at high risk. but she was neither. doctors believe her oral cancer was caused by phv. the same virus linked to cervical cancer in women. >> these are starting to show up to women in 30s and 40s and lived healthy lifestyles. they exercise and don't use anything that are considered toxi
the federal government recognize the marriages. both of those issues are going be very likely before the u.s. supreme court in this coming term. >> all right. president obama came out in may saying that he supportd this. >> yeah. >> and late in the game but there. all right. people are happy he did it at some point. >> yeah. >> the question is, do you think it's going to impact the election in november, which is around the corner? >> i wouldn't bet money lost that obama was going to make a statement before the election. i thought he wouldn't do it. i thought he would feel it was too much of a political risk. this is another important about our movements. we're having unlikely and likely allies, allies like president obama take risks for our community. that is a really important step in a social justice movement. >> because? >> it shows we're worth risking for. he knows that it's the right side of history to be in support of gay couples being fully recognized as equal. >> uh-huh. >> i think it's helped obama. given people struggling with the issue but wanted to feel like they were doing the r
thing. >> topic monday are expected to include the attack on the u.s. consulate and nuclear tensions with iran. cbs news, florida. >> and you can watch the debate live tomorrow on cbs 5 starting at 6:00 p.m. >>> some good news for drivers tonight. at least outside of the bay area. the price of gas nationwide has dropped more than 8 cents over the last two weeks. the average cost of regular unleaded is now $3.75. diesel dropped 3 cents. but san francisco is the costly averaging $4.51. expecting rain tomorrow. complete forecast for us now. >> showers have already begun to move in. rain is officially here. take a look at high def doppler. we can go straight to the weather computer. you'll see north bay moving on in through the bay area. here's a live look outside at a dry roadway. and here's a look at your high def doppler. i'm going to zoom in and take a closer look. notice here how we're noticing to see hours make their way in into the east bay. a lot of this not all of the hitting the ground. we will be seeing these showers on the ground. by the time you head out for monday morning c
very clear that you would not provide government assistance, to the u.s. auto company. you said that they could get it in the private marketplace. that wasn't true. >> so who do you believe? >> well, who i believe personally? i think both of them had their point. the president was really trying to make the argument. governor romney sounded a little harsh about bailing out the industries. he is now saying look, my father was the governor out there and i love the auto industry. all they met is that they should go through the bankruptcy process and settle their debt. obama, i think that he was correct. that's not what they said a few months ago. but that's the sound byte of what happened when they landed the governor and the american public, watching what they said during the primary that it will be inconsistent for them. that was effective up to that point. >> we keep hearing the sound bytes over and over. >> exactly. >> that's one thing that we needed to talk about as we heard about israel a lot. >> yeah. >> when i was a candidate for office, that's the first thing that they talk
for the killing. they're looking at whether ortega got psychiatric help. the u.s. citizen originally from the dominican republic had worked for them 2 years. the crime shaken up, the former neighbor. >> it's your nanny, someone that you have a relationship with. it's very scary. >> kerry -- she ran bay area business town an country resources. she advises people parents to do background checks an afterward continue to mop tore through asking questions of people through know her. >> how as she been. as she complained about the position. have you ever gotten the sense she's not happy in the position. >> back in manhattan, investigators have not filed any charges in the case yet. they have questioned the nanny because she's still breathing through a tube. >>> detectives are calling two teens evil in their -- and their crime despicable. they're accused of murdering her woman where a teen is distant relative. deputies believe the suspects offered to do yard work and then came up behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> started making noises. she was not dead at that point and t
,000 in cocaine ingested cocaine. charges will be filed by the u.s. attorney and homeland security. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, cbs5. >>> the phone call that could not wait. what happened when a pedestrian on a cell phone crossed paths with a vta train. >>> and a bay area business that believes in full disclosure. why they are warning patrons about a pesky problem. >>> there is a huge storm on the east coast. 2,500 miles away as we live here in the bay area on the west coast, but this storm will have an impact on our halloween forecast. find out high and what it will do to our forecast coming up. never saw it coming. but he >>> a pedestrian hit and injured by a light rail train in south bay. they never saw it coming, but he probably should have. cbs5 reporter shows us that it is just the latest example of a smart phone leading to a not so smart move. >> reporter: we arrived on scenes just seconds after it happened. the man was stumbling around, bloody, delirious. just moments before he was on the ground unconscious. >> i thought he was dead because he was there lying and a part of
in the u.s. >> and if you're heading to strictly blue grass, you will find some clouds in the western half of san francisco this morning and that will be on the chilly side. bundle up. 61 degrees forecast high there and the forecast for everybody is coming up in a minute. eningitis . >> say you're heading east out of the bay area. the nowhere half of the sacramento valley is pleasant, 78 at redding; 73, sacramento; 81 at fresno and we'll have the forecast in a minute. . >>> a number of people killed in the u.s. in a rare meningitis outbreak rose to seven. the centers for disease control and prevention said the infection spread to 60 people across nine states. the outbreak is linked to a steroids produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the steroids has been recalled. >>> it's 9:08. a lot of people wondering how many layers they should be wearing around the bay area today in. >> we're here with all of the answers as we're looking at the low overcast starting the day in the east bayshoreline and in parts of san francisco and up into sonoma county around santa rosa and cloudy skies.
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15